Chrome Beast is the version. Out of pure luck, after one of your monsters hatches from an egg from merging, there may be a chance that the beast may be "chromed". The beast's outward appearance will appear to be metallic, and there are some things to know about chrome beasts.

  1. The Chrome Beast's HP stat is halved.
  2. The Chrome Beast's Speed stat is tripled.
  3. The Chrome Beast is immune to all magic, including yours (buffs, Medinite, Selahmnite, etc.). Coincidentally, the only way to heal a Chrome Beast is with items, or Power Draw-type skills, or Yarga-type magic.


It may be out of pure luck to get a chrome beast, but there may be a way to get it faster. Here's how its broken down;

  1. First, you merge the beasts with whatever you want, and make sure to have about 3 or 4 ability slots filled (3 or 4 merges).
  2. Next, merge with a Seed Beast that gives off a stat booster to your best stat (most likely Wisdom Up 3 from Dakkon-Q).
  3. Keep merging the monster with the Seed Beast, and there will be a higher chance of getting a chrome beast after each merge.

The original chance of receiving a Chrome Beast is about a 1/1,000 chance, so it's a rare opportunity. Also, chrome status can be inflicted on any beast, including Kalma Divine Beasts. Do this to sustain the effect of chrome on a beast, but there's an 80% chance that it will revert back to normal.