Dela Getchu is a Fire-type Og Divine Beast, and is the Most Evolved form of the Geraluch line. It resembles a bipedal toad, with dinosaur arms and three eyes on its head. It has a look-alike in the element of Earth, called "Trinoculus". It mostly appears on Nam's BeastAmulet, and is also a boss in the Fire Forest. Very strong, albeit a wall.


Dela Getchu is a valuable asset to any team for both a defender and a strong attacker. Its signature Skill is called "Shockwave" is an S-Rank Fire Skill, that not only deals XXL damage to an opponent, but it can also deal S damage to opponents on either side!

AS A BOSS...Edit

Delagetchu intro

Dela Getchu attacks Kahu in Fire Tower

Dela Getchu is a serious threat to any team that isn't completely prepared, and every team has to be completely prepared. It is the boss of Fire Tower, the second portion of the Fire Forest. Dela Getchu's Strength and Vitality (as well as its HP) are very high, making this one durable powerhouse. It available attacks are Burn Attack, Sonic Boom and Dark Attack.


Trinoculus is an Earth-type Og Divine Beast, and is the Most Evolved form of the Demeluch line. Being the look-alike of Dela Getchu, it has almost the exact same statistics as Dela Getchu, and a different color scheme. Its signature skill, Fossa Magna, is an S-Rank Earth Skill, that takes any beast's HP down to 1 (except bosses), if it hits.