Frogess is a Water-attributed Slimy Divine Beast, and is the Most Evolved form of the Ribbetmich line. Strong, albeit slow, it also acts as a defender and a healer, making it an asset to any support team. Frogess is mainly a Skill user, but it can occasionally be used for Magic. Frogess is the boss of the Water Place portion of the Water Forest.

Frogrss intro2

Frogess attacks Kahu in Water Place


Frogess, as said before, is mainly used for Skills, but can sometimes be used for Magic. Its signature Skill, called "Power Drain" is an A-Rank Water Skill, that deals damage on contact, and steals 25% of that damage and heals it by that much. Frogess' forte stat is its Mana Points, much like its Slimy partner Dela Yo-Yo, whilst its speed and other stats are not that good, considering it is a Slimy-type.

Frogess combat

Fighting Frogess as a boss

AS A BOSS...Edit

As a boss in the Water Place, Frogess is a pain to get rid of, especially considering it has a seriously high amount of HP; bring some strong Fire-types if you're to battle against Frogess, because you'll need it. Its available moves are Spirit Blast, Power Steal and Medinia.