Ginugon, a Water Slimy.

Ginugon is a Water Divine Beast of the Slimy genus. It is also one of the bosses of the Water Forest, that you encounter on the floor before advancement to the next level down (i.e. Water Shade to Water Return, "Way to Wind" to Wind Patina, etc.) It appears as a large frog-like amphibian creature, that can stand on two legs.



Ginugon's body model

Ginugon has excellent Spirit and MP capabilities. It is commonly used as a healer, because it and its three evolutionary forms pilot the use of recovery moves that originated in the first game, known as "Medi". It recoveres a certain amount of the BeastAmulet's HP depending on the caster's Wisdom stat. The Medi spells are magic, and the spells all depend on the user's Wisdom stat.

AS A BOSS... Edit

Ginugon is hard to kill without the right party members. Take the advice from many skilled players; they'll tell you it's hard to kill without the right monsters. You can encounter Ginugon as a boss on the level of Water Place, in the Forest of Darkness in an ogrevine of the Water levels, and in the levels of Levant. You can also encounter Ginugon as a boss by chance in an ogrevine in Water Tier, which is only receivable after you defeat Levant in the Forest of Darkness.