Giralooza, the final evolution.

Giralooza is a canine-type creature, and is the Most-Evolved form of the Tikidrech line. Here is its Beast Notebook entry:

"A fierce throwback to its ancestors as an incarnation of the ancient Jirahl. There are similar Wind-types."

Giralooza is based off of the creature known as "Jirahl", which originated in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu. Jirahl, as well as Spiral, Fedelco, Arvalzak, and Kamra, were all goat-men. But over the past hundred years, this is the last remaining remnant of the lost species.

You can notice the similarities between Giralooza and the goat-men by looking only at their long, pointy ears, if not, their eyes, or the long horn right in the middle of their head.


It should go without saying, Giralooza hits fast and hard. Its Speed and Wisdom stats are unprecedented; they are very high and exceptional. Giralooza is exceptional in all fields of magic. Its main attack, its signature move, Agniagna (A), is the strongest Fire-type magic that hits a single opponent (Sol-type moves hit your front 3, Dark Impact hits your entire BeastAmulet).

Its Speed is closely matched only by that of Paradrager, who comes close by just a hair. Truly, Giralooza is a beast no one wants to trifle with.

However, because it focuses so much on attacking, it's also frail, and can be destroyed in only a few short hits... with no buffs.

AS A BOSS...Edit

Giralooza is an undoubtedly tough boss to face. You first face Giralooza as a boss in the floor of the Fire Forest known as Fire Throne. Then you face Giralooza in an ogrevine in the Fire Section of the Forest of Darkness, and finally, if by chance, you randomly face Giralooza in an ogrevine in Firestorm.

Its Speed and Wisdom are too high to comprehend past your first encounter with Giralooza. They are too high, your beasts will likely die if no buffs are placed. Especially if you're dumb enough to put Larval-stage beasts on a team.


Lugadreg is a carbon copy of Giralooza, except for different color scheme, and stat layouts. Everything else is pretty much the exact same thing. Lugadreg's signature magic, Sapiate, lowers your opponent's front side's Speed by an XXL amount (about 100%), and cancels all speed buffs too.

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