Gojet in battle

Gojet is the bird-like jet, and is the Most Evolved form of the Mechalcoch line.



Gojet's body model

Gojet is the second fastest Divine Beast in the game. Gojet is also a Magic user, and relies mostly on the Wisdom stat. Its signature move, Ad-Slahnit, is the most powerful sleep inducing move, and it affects the front side of the BeastAmulet. Its Spirit stat is mediocre; the only few things that are of concern to players are its Strength, Vitality, and HP.

AS A BOSS...Edit

Gojet intro

Gojet attacks Kahu in Wind Shelter

As a boss, Gojet can be described as completely and utterly annoying. It's way too fast to be matched by any other beasts, and it uses its signature move way too often. Gojet can be found as a boss in Wind Shelter, in the Forest of Darkness, and in the last Wind Forest level (a random chance for any Wind boss, Gojet may appear). In Wind Shelter its available moves are Samakis, Ad Slahn and Burn Attack.