Jade Cocoon 2 Complete Edition is a patch to the game developed by hunkster2.

It can be applied in two ways: a PPF patch can be applied to an ISO of the game disc, or codes can be entered manually into a cheat device.

Features Edit

(Note: the following are for version 2 of the patch.)

  • Unlocks two eggs (Deprolcoch and Deradrackich)
  • Unlocks nine seed beasts:
    • Ginunga
    • Bladetail
    • Niloper
    • Niralhorn
    • Spikeyfish
    • Dumbler
    • Casadero
    • Delapon
    • Nugatiran
  • 4 Kalma eggs and Drackich egg now synthable
  • For USA players, adds text corrections
  • Two new Luch beast fights: Teraluch and Calicocatluch

Links Edit

Read-mes are available from the ROMHacking links.