Kakabone is a Wind-type Alco Divine Beast, and is the Most Evolved form of the Skalcoch line. Its forte, like any other Alco, is its Speed. It appears on Cinnamon and Mint's BeastAmulets, and appears in the Grand Slam, as well as being a boss in the Wind Forest.


Its Speed is outmatched by Gojet, but nonetheless it has its uses in battle. It has great physicality for one, and it can stand Skills for a long time. Its signature skill, Total Loss, is an S-Rank Wind Skill, that has a chance of confusing the opponent, leaving it with an 80% of hitting itself or its allies (or healing your team or giving your team buffs).

AS A BOSS...Edit

Kakabone appears in the Wind Shelter portion of the Wind Forest as a boss, and it is a tough boss indeed. It has insanely high Speed, and skills too. Mainly, watch out for the confusion-inducing moves. Bring fast Fire-type Divine Beasts.


Fangbone is a Water-type Alco Divine Beast, and is the Most Evolved form of the Dethalcoch line. It is the look-alike to Kakabone, even having part of its name derived from it. It shares a common stat layout with a differing color scheme. Its signature move, Life Crash, is an S-Rank Water Skill that deals not only L damage to HP, but also a M damage to MP.