Fire Kalma's final evolutionary form.

Kalma (カルマ, Karma) is the parasite creature. The picture at right is the final form of the Kalma evolutionary line; it appears as the Disciple of Darkness as a Boss of the Fire Section.


When you're talking about the Kalma, you've just mentioned the most balanced species in the game. Take it from a few people who know what they're talking about.

  • The Fire Kalma is focused all around Strength and Speed, and is the most fragile of its bretheren.
  • The Earth Kalma is all about HP, Vitality, Spirit, and MP, making it the most defensive of its bretheren.
  • The Water Kalma is all about Wisdom and MP, making it an effective healer and supporter.
  • The Wind Kalma is the most balanced out of its brethren; it has exceptionally high numbers in all stats, including HP and MP.

When you're looking for something that can get rid of opponents in a breeze, look no further than the Kalma.


As they are the best players on your BeastAmulet, they are also good when facing against you. Each elemental Disciple of Darkness is hard on their own. And each is annoying in their own way. We here can only wish you the best of luck.


Yes, the Kalma are in fact obtainable, but you can only get them either through the Complete Edition patches, where they become synthable eggs - along with the dummied eggs - or through cheat devices. You need to edit the shop that you have (if you completed all of the missions post-Levant, it's Item Shop #6).