Kikinak and Co. is the business set up by the "sacred spirit" Kikinak, from the original game.

Kikinak and his Birdman helpers allow you to:

  • Buy a limited range of goods
  • Sell item you pick up from the forest
  • Stash/retrieve items from a safety deposit box, called the warehouse.

The currency used in Jade Cocoon 2 is Yan (Y) - not Yen (¥).

Shop Edit

Initially, the shop has a very limited selection of items:

The range of goods sold is expanded through shop jobs - those entitled "Develop New Product".

The shop is accessed by talking to the Birdman on the left-hand-side.

Warehouse Edit

The warehouse allows you to deposit a limited number of items, and then retrieve them later. Unlike your inventory, the warehouse capacity can't be expanded.

It's useful for storing collections of books, for example - or other things you don't want to lose if you are defeated.