Rugglchu's body model.

Rugglchu is an Earth-attributed Og Divine Beast and is the Most Evolved from of the Devaluch line. It is the look-alike to Knucklchu, and as such it has almost the exact same stat layout as Knucklchu, with green coloration.


Rugglchu, as stated before, has almost the exact same stat layout as Knucklchu. It still has the main focus of Strength on mind, but taking a few points, and putting them towards Vitality, its second highest combat stat. Its signature move, Life Blast (A), deals damage relative to how much HP it has. The less HP it has, the more damage it does. This makes it more useful in a pinch than as a main attack.


Knucklchu is a Fire-attributed Og Divine Beast, and - as stated before - Rugglchu is the look-alike of Knucklchu. This is the main Og, being it has the most Strength out of any of them, and it has the second-highest Vitality out of the Ogs. Its signature move, Burn Crash (A), is seen at many points throughout the game.