Skalcoch is a Divine Beast of the Alco genus. It is the larval form of the Skalcoch family, and it can be hatched from a Skalcoch egg.


Skalcoch is a small bird-like creature, of dark purple plumage and yellow talons. Much of its features, however, are hidden as it covers itself up under its signature white eggshell, slightly cracked and ornated with small round spikes. It can be humorous how it hasn't even left its egg entirely before joining the battle alongside other Divine Beasts.

It shares its appearance with other larval Alco beasts, Alcoch and Mechalcoch.

Notable Animations and BehaviorsEdit

  • Using Skill-type Moves: Rams into its foe with its spiky shell.
  • Using Magic-type Moves: Concentrates, before jumping up in a somersault.


Element: WIND

Genus: Alco

Stage: Larval

Personality: Bully (attacks the foe with the lowest HP amount)

EXP Gain: Slow


HP MP Strenght Vitality Wisdom Spirit Speed
Base Stat
Stat Growth

Status Resistances:

Petrify Poison Stun Sleep Confuse Blind Instant Death
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Beast Notebook entryEdit

Description: "Quick at moving but weak against attack he is a real pain, being good at bullying the weak."

Alternate FormsEdit

  • Agit (Basic form)
  • Skalco (Evolved form)
  • Kakabone (Most Evolved form)



Skalcoch's body model